How Do You Wash Your Dog?

Bathing plays a major part in the hygiene of your dog. It helps the dog clean and clear itself of all dirt and parasites. The dog's hygiene in general also determines how healthy its skin and coat are. Unlike humans, dogs need not be subjected to daily bathing. The frequency could be determined based on its type of coat and environment.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

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Generally, the dog's hygiene won’t go for a toss if it bathes once a month. However, if your dog has oily coats, it could require bathing once every week. Most short-haired breeds do not need frequent baths. In fact, dogs with smooth coats, such as Great Pyrenees and Golden Retrievers, are fastidious about their hygiene and rarely require a bath. Dogs with double coats can also do with fewer baths. However, they need a lot more brushing during bathing so that their dead, loose hair could be cleared, and their natural oils get distributed well. This shall help the dog’s coat and skin stay healthy. As mentioned before, the dog’s environment and lifestyle also play a major role in how often and the way in which the pet should be washed. If your dog is into swimming, fancies mud puddles, etc., it should be washed more frequently than normal. If your pet spends the majority of its time indoors and the dog's hygiene is generally good, you can let the dog not have a bath for weeks together.

The Right Place to Wash Your Dog

If your dog is small, you can bathe it in your laundry tub or kitchen sink. If it’s a bit too big for the sink, use your bathtub. Portably doggy tubs are options too. These tubs come in collapsible forms and you can use them both indoors and outdoors. If your dog is extremely dirty, a garden hose would be ideal. But see to it that you don’t use the hose frequently. Use it only when you absolutely need it. Tornare in alto